Thursday, January 3, 2013

Beard Token. I Get It.

Given the great reaction to the Beard Token door prizes at our first meet & greet, I thought others might appreciate this reaction from The Doctor of Manliness (with apologies for reblogging the whole's just so succinct):
When I first heard of the existence of a Beard Token I knew I needed one.  What it symbolized needed no explaining. What it means is irrelevant to you if you don't already know. If you are one of the "Chosen", you know its meaning without being told. If you have to ask, you may never know. Men will understand.  The kind of Man who stands out in a snowstorm rubbing snow on his bare chest, laughing up at the sky just for the pure joy and amazement of being alive will understand. Bearded men who live life with the gusto of the vikings, they get it. The time of the Beard Token has arrived my friends.
See the original here.