Thursday, December 11, 2014

BV Whisker Club Winter Charity Opportunities

Howdy facial hair enthusiasts,

Tuesday night at Carney's we developed some plans to help out the community this winter. Briefly, here is what we are thinking.

This Saturday, we can participate in the Salvation Army's "adopt an angel" program. Basically, the way it works is we select angels (kids) with a list of things they want or need (clothes, toys, etc.). After purchasing items for the children, we return to the tree and drop off the gifts (no wrapping necessary).  I was thinking that we could meet at 10 AM in the morning at the "Angel Tree" which is located in the food court of Post Oak Mall. We can then decide which children to provide gifts for and split up to purchase them. After that, we can then meet back up at the mall at 11:30 or 12 to get the gifts back. If anyone wants to do anything after, I was thinking we could go get lunch somewhere.

The club has also helped out with the Neal Park Potluck and Community Garden in the past. For those who aren't aware, every weekend, there is a potluck in Neal Park and anyone can attend. Those who cannot bring anything, simply get to eat what others provide. Vincent Morgan, who was a regular at the potluck, passed during one of the recent cold snaps. Jon came up with an idea for a "coat drive" that will accept coats, blankets, and sleeping bags. We could then bring them to the potluck every weekend for any one who needs them. Andrew Golnar came up with the idea of continuing the drive through January so that any students traveling home during winter break can bring back items when they return. New Republic is willing to give a free pint to people who donate an item. We can have a box set up there as soon as this weekend. We will ask around and see if any other places are willing to have collection boxes through January. If you have any connections, please feel free to help out and use them!

Last, Jon is participating in the marathon this Sunday. We were planning on setting up a table in Brison Park where we can have orange slices for the runners. We'll also have our sign, business cards, and we can also take pictures of the whiskered runners to share on our page. Apparently, the club did this a couple of years ago and got a great response from it. If you want to join us to cheer Jon and the others on, you can meet up with us on Sunday morning any time after 7:45 AM.

We toyed around with the idea of modifying Christmas carols to be beard related and making calendars with images of club members but it may be something to think about a little earlier next year.

I also apologize for any spam emails you might have received from this address yesterday. My account was hacked yesterday but I have resolved the issue.

Beard On!
Chris Garza

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Important No Shave News

Happy No Shave November guys n' gals! Hope you're all happier, healthier, and hairier than ever!!

I've got some wonderful news to share! Throughout the month, your Brazos Valley Whisker Club has teamed up with The Village Cafe and Health For All to raise money and provide local assistance for men's health in the Brazos Valley!!  

With that said, we are holding a FUNDRAISING PAR-TAY at your favorite local brewery, New Republic! There are going to be tons of neat opportunities for you to be able to donate and help out the cause (mustache/beard photo booth, a wicked sweet raffle, etc.) 

Chase Gassaway is going to be preforming throughout the night and food will be available through the always yummy food truck,  Lew's BBQ!! 

WHEN: THIS SATURDAY 11.22.14  at  5:oo!! 
WHERE: New Republic: 11405 N Dowling Rd Suite C, College Station,TX 77845
WHY: BEER! FOOD! MUSIC! and helpin' out a great cause!!!

*New Republic and this event are both family-friendly and pet-friendly!* 


Thursday, October 16, 2014

We Support the WBMA

This was written by someone else, but does a good job of capturing our position, given that our club has been working toward establishing the necessary credentials to become recognized by the World Beard and Moustache Association:

For those of you not familiar with the drama, here it is in a nutshell.

Phil Olsen, founder of Beard Team USA, who puts on an annual national competition, started a company called World Beard and Mustache Championships LLC. There was already a World Beard and Mustache Championship which is held every odd year (Austin 2017 is the next on US soil). Phil was a part of the original and true World's. Last year at the New Orleans 2013 Nationals, he announced that the World's would be held in Portland in 2014. He had no authority to do so. It was then discovered that he trademarked the name World Beard and Mustache Championships LLC, and he had Facebook take down the WBMA's page for "trademark violations."

It is clear he stole and used deceitful practices to do so. Over 100+ facial hair organizations over the world are against this. 

We stand with the true World Beard and Mustache Association. 

- text shared by Louisiana Beard and Facial Hair Association on Facebook, 10-16-14

Please spread the word to whiskered (and whisker-loving) folks: don't support Phil Olsen's event in Portland!

Friday, June 6, 2014

That's Right, Peach Fuzz

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there, facial hair enthusiasts!! Here's a little somethin' to jog your memory on the happenings of our last meeting! 

We are considering a name change.  This is to make the group more inclusive of people who are not affiliated with A&M. To go along with our fancy new name, we need to have a design that'll tie in all nice like.

-Brazos Valley                
-Brazos County
-Facial Hair
-Beard and Mustache

**These are things to be thinkin' about possibly including in our new name.

-Post Oak
-Bearded Cowboy Skull

Jon's Anniversary Cookout!!
-June 21st

New Republic!!
-Sunday June 29th
-$40-$50 total cost; equalin' out to about $5 a person!
-We'll be brewin' up some "Peach Fuzz" Pale Ale 

Battle on the Bayou (Houston) Beard and Moustache Competition!!
-July 26th

**Mark these on your calendars folks!

We also bid a sad farewell to Justin DeSola, our former president, and his beard loving wife, Megan, to their new home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. (We're looking forward to hearing about his establishment of the "SteamBeards"). We wish you the very best of luck!!

Taking Justin's place as our president will be Chris Garza, the one with the mustache. Vice President/Treasurer is now Cameron Shults, the one with the mutton chops. I, Morgan Baggett, will be standing in as Secretary, the one with very little, to no facial hair.  Not to worry, Jon Kotinek, the one who knows what he's doing, will remain our Historian.

We'd also like to give a warm welcome to our new bearded friend, Lee Kavanagh!! 

Thanks to everyone who came out to the meeting! 

Morgan Baggett

Saturday, May 3, 2014

May Monthly Meeting Recap

Howdy facial hair aficionados!

As we approach two years of regular meetings, we are well on our way to becoming an officially recognized club by the World Beard and Moustache Association (WBMA). In addition to having at least 2 years of regular meetings, we must also meet four of the seven criteria:

1) minimum of 10 members
2) Executive board - president, vice president, secretary/treasurer
3) Established bylaws which state the purpose of the club, the executive structure, member descriptions including qualification, fees and meeting structures.
4) Regular meetings at least 4 times a year
5) Registration with the government where it is required
6) Annual election meeting for officers
7) Membership fee.

Last night, we began to develop our purpose. Ideas that were thrown out include

-To socialize and enjoy the company of the bearded, mustachioed, as well as facial hair enthusiasts
-To accomplish the goals of the WBMA in Aggieland
-To support local businesses and the facial hair community

By the way, the purpose of the WBMA is "to promote the worldwide appreciation of beards and moustaches, and to co-ordinate international events, including competitions, held in such a manner as to encourage friendship among those with beards and moustaches." Perhaps we can think about these throughout the next month in order to further develop these ideas into a cohesive statement.

We also discussed dues. There seemed to be a general consensus that dues would benefit the club however before we set a price, we plan to develop a budget and ideas for what the dues would pay for. Ideas for our budgeted items include:

-Beard tokens
-"Business" cards or combs

I have a friend who does 3D printing and I can ask him about costs for some combs with our club name/info on it. I think Jon also might have someone to follow up with as well for the comb idea.

Austin will be having it's "Come and Shave It" event on Feb 22 and we could be representing an officially recognized club by then!

We also talked about having weekly runs. Throughout the school year, there are weekly runs at the Corner Bar every Tuesday. We are thinking about keeping the Tuesday run tradition but at Carney's at 8:30 PM. Since we will be having weekly runs, perhaps we can consider adding something to our mission about "promoting health". Speaking of health, Carney's also has incredible beer prices (half off all beers?) on Tuesday as well. These runs can start as early as next week. I attached an image of a trail planned out that is slightly more than a 5k that we can try out next Tuesday.

Last, we discussed getting a Google hangout which would allow us to message each other at any time.(it's basically a group text). This is a way to get us to communicate easily and more often. I plan to add the men from last night to the hangout. If there were others who were not in attendance last night or if any ladies want to join the Hangout, you're more than welcome to! I just didn't want to make any assumptions. Send me a personal email and I will add you. You will also be able to remove yourself from the Hangout if you do not want to be a part of it.

Beard on!
Chris Garza

Friday, April 4, 2014

Good Evening, Mr. President.

It was ABMC election night and we had just enough of a crowd to field a ballot. Apparently, Luby's takeout was more of a draw for some. 

                       Luby's, really?

But, what we lacked in numbers we more than made up for in enthusiasm.

Please give a virtual round of applause to your ABMC officers:

President - Justin DeSola
Vice-President - Cameron Shults
Secretary/Treasurer - Chris Garza
Historian - Jon Kotinek

The officer duties will be much as described last month, with sharing of some social media posting among the officers. The meeting schedule will remain unchanged for the time being, with monthly meetings being held 7:00-8:00 PM on the first Thursday of the month, and weekly opportunities to hang out. We also discussed developing opportunities to hang out away from restaurants. One concept would be to have a "Beard Brew" where we all pitch in and get to drink the fruit of our labors the following month. 

In addition to the elections, we revisited the World Beard and Moustache Association recognition requirements. We are looking forward to our 2-year anniversary in December 2014 and being recognized by this organization! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March Meeting, Looking Ahead to Elections

Our March meeting saw a couple of new whiskered faces. Our encounter with Raspa last month resulted in an energetic new member that brought two others with him. Thanks Justin!
First-timer Daniel put the Gentlemen52 cards to work and explained some strategy for blackjack.

In addition to the cards, we also spent time discussing beard care and holding elections to share some of the responsibility for the club. The following structure for the Executive Board was proposed:

President - runs meetings, seeks sponsorships/partnerships
Vice President - schedules meetings & hang-outs, runs meetings in the absence of the President
Secretary/Treasurer - keeps attendance minutes of business, maintains funds
Historian - takes photos at meetings, makes posts to social media (blog, email, Facebook, etc.)

We would like to hold elections at the April meeting, so please make sure you're there to vote and stand for election!

Don't forget the weekly hangouts and upcoming potluck in the park.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


We didn't get a January meeting together, but several ABMC members did make it out to Potluck in the Park.

Our February meeting moved back to the traditional spot at The Village Cafe. Our meeting coincided with the launch for Insite Magazine's February issue launch, so we benefitted from a big crowd and live music (ABMC also got a shout out from Kristy when Jon won a door prize).

The band playing was Raspa, a local reggae-rock group, and their whiskered members were shoe-ins as automatic members.

Hanging with Raspa

We learned Rummy on the fly in order to make use of these awesome Gentlemen 52  playing cards

John Louis promised to send card rules ahead of the next meeting so we can all brush up. 

The Gentlemen 52 Playing Cards

Because the December meeting was so popular, and we have had interest in more frequent meetings, we decided to try having informal meet-up opportunities through the month:

1st Thursday - Village Cafe
2nd Tuesday - Carney's
3rd Wednesday - Harvey Washbanger's
4th (or last) Friday - Blackwater Draw

 (We also made an informal visit to Revolution after the meeting, maybe this can be a regular thing?...gotta spread the love).

Thanks to everyone who showed up! See you next time!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


A bit late in posting this, but we had a great time at the December meeting. Based on the suggestion of a member (thanks Heather!), we moved the meeting closer to campus and enjoyed Aggieland's newest culinary sensation: Blackwater Draw Brewing Company. BWD is all about local, from the garden-fresh vegetables sourced from Howdy Farm, to the all-Texas tap line up (including a rotating selection of beers brewed in-house), this one-of-a-kind gastropub lives up to its pedigree (Blackwater Draw is the source of the Brazos River). Turns out sone of the staff at BWD sport beards, too, so we fit right in. 

Left to Right: Jim, Ed, Juan, Jon, Chris, (sorry I forgot!), and John Louis. Photo credit: Noah, age 6

We had a number of new faces and enjoyed the (relative) warmth of the heaters on the porch despite the cold weather. 

Of course, warm soup helps!

BWD is thinking about soup to go.

We also learned that Chris (aka The Artist Formerly Known as Yellow Rain) has been named (co-) Mr. Texas Interhash 2013. The Moustache had to play a role in that vote!

(co-) Mr. Texas Interhash 2013

Chris suggested that ABMC follow up on our pledge of giving back to the community, so we decided that we would go to Potluck in the Park the second Sunday of each month.

Thanks to those that showed up! We look forward to seeing you at the next one!