Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Februhairy Meeting Notes

“There are two kinds of People in the World… Those who appreciate a good beard and those who are wrong”

Hey guys, here are your Mustache Minuets for the Brazos Valley Whisker Club February Meeting on 2-5-15:
A whiskery welcome to:
Chris Rahman
Elizabeth Bledsoe
Welcome New Officers:
President: Carl Hjelmen
Secretary: Britney Chargois

 Announcement: The paper work has been submitted for the club to be internationally recognized
Hair Raising Fundraising and Events:
  House concert with beer brewed by the club. Admission would be charged and it would be used as a fundraiser.
                          Beer ideas: Peach pumpkin beer
                                               Dew berry stout
No Shave November event with the organization Health for all.

Booth at world fest representing beard culture:
                  We need to look into registering by late summer / early fall.

                    Calendar of the group
                 Stickers eventually will be made for the group.
Bearded faces everywhere (Community outreach.):
Please let’s make an effort to go to The Neil Park pot luck/ Community Garden
It is every Saturday starting at 5 Pm &Sunday starting at 1:30pm.  Bring family, Bring friends, and Bring food.
Web-Stache (B.V.W.C on the Web):
                        Officer Profiles for the blog
Member Trimmings:
Tokens for members are being discussed; in the future members may be able to design their own. Materials that they might be built out of: Wood or Aluminum.
                             Have an Awesome weekend

Mustache Minutes for March 3/5/15

With thanks to BVWC Secretary Britney Chargois
A whiskery welcome to: No new members

 Announcement:  We are now a part of the W.B.M.A!!!

Hair Raising Fundraising and Events:

  House concert with beer brewed by the club. 

When would this be?  

This conversation was moved to next meeting.

No Shave November event with the organization Health for all.

We could have people to sign up to raise money with a sponsorship for growing or in a whiskerina’s case  making a beard  , the person who raised the most money would get a beard  care package . Facebook voting would take place for the person with the best beard.

Booth at world fest representing beard culture:

                  We need to look into registering by late summer / early fall.

There is a $50 vendor fee, would could discuss beard care, and make beard combs. We could also sell calendars. We would need a stamp for when the people came to our booth, for their world fest pass ports. The average cost of the Stamp would be $40; Jonathan agreed to look into that for us.

Calendar of the group:

                We can do this:  We discussed having beard themed names of the month. Part of the profit would go to the club, and on fundraiser months the other part would go the charity. Month ideas Jan. New Year’s resolution theme, Feb. Vikings, Mar. Red beards, April. Umbrella hats, May. Flowered beard, June. Father son photo with Jonathan and his kids wearing beards, July. Uncle Sam I want you to grow a beard, August.  First day of school photo, Sep. Pirates, Oct. Halloween costumes, Nov. Guy Fox at Thanksgiving, Dec. Santa.

                                                Photographer?   Ashley and Carl are looking into finding one.

                                             Group & Individual shots (possibly people from pint night)

                                            Date? Photo’s need to be taken by August and the calendars should be                                printed by October, so we can sell them during world fest and November.

Brazos Valley Derby Girls VS. Brazos Valley Whisker Club:

   Dates? Carl brought up a great point about time commitment, and most of the members not knowing about derby. So we will promote their events on our page instead.


                 Fundraiser or Prize? The Koozies will be a prize, will discuss for what at a later date.


Bearded faces everywhere (Community outreach.):

Food Pantry at the Bridge:

                The club would be interested, but not sure who would show up. We need to figure that out, and how long training is first.

Every Thursday at 6:30 or 6:00 pm

                We would have to do volunteer training

Relay for life:

          Would we like to participate?

We will participate; team first needs to be created on the site. Then members can go on the Relay for life page and click join a team, and the can join our team B.V.W.C. Donations can also be taken on the site.

We could set up a team on the website

No due date, just when the event occurs April 27th

Any other ideas?

Some fundraiser ideas are stickers, shirts, and a brew day.

Web-Stache (B.V.W.C on the Web): No new business.

Member Trimmings:

We also discussed that we need to have at least two members agree to go to an event ahead of time, so that we have some kind of presence at things like the Pot Luck.  We also discussed setting up events, so that they give notifications to members.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

President & Secretary Nominations

Howdy whiskered friends,

At our business meeting last Thursday, our club adopted some bylaws with the consent of the officers and the dues-paying members who were in attendance (see attached). These bylaws help us fit into the "club definition" as described by the World Beard and Mustache Association (http://www.wbma.info/). We have also met perhaps one of the most difficult criteria which is to maintain records of attendance to regular meetings over a period of two years. Our club became two years old on December 6, 2014. We have written our application to be an approved club by the WBMA and it is being translated to German by our new member, Kelly Mowry, before we send it off. Currently, there are only 9 approved clubs within the US and if our application is accepted, it will give our club a great reputation.

In other business, one of the bylaws is of particular importance since Morgan and I will be leaving soon. We decided to stagger the voting process for officer positions to make the transition easier. Morgan and I will be stepping down from our positions (secretary and president, respectively) as we move in to February. This means that we will be asking for dues-paying members to run for these positions (see descriptions in the attached document and below). Please respond to this email before next Tuesday to run for a position. If you are not yet a dues-paying member but would like to run for a position, you can contact me and we can try to meet up so that the club can collect your dues (we will be at Carney's tonight at 9!).

A week from today (1/20/15), we will use an online voting platform to allow a vote from all dues-paying members. Voting will be open for two weeks and the new positions will be decided before the next business meeting (2/5/15)

Here are the position descriptions:

President: The president of the club acts as the manager for the business meetings and supports and supervises the other officers. The president is also expected to act as a spokesperson and ambassador for the club.
Secretary: The secretary records the attendance and minutes of the business meeting. The secretary should be involved in sending emails to the members and making events for social media.

Finally, the coat drive will continue through February at New Republic Brewing Co. The box was full last weekend and Jon was able to distribute them to members of the community that needed them. Spread the word that bringing a coat, blanket, or sleeping bag will get you a free pint. Also, New Republic has a limited release Russian Imperial Stout in their taproom that you should definitely try!

Let me know if any of you are interested in running for the officer positions!
Beard On!
Chris Garza

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Januhairy Monthly Meeting

Hope everyone had a safe and happy new year celebration!

If you're in town this Thursday, come on out to the January monthly business meeting at the Village Cafe and Art979 Gallery. Hope to see you there! I was thinking that with the start of the new year, we would think about getting new officers! We could also start thinking about other things to do throughout the new year. What fun!

Also, just a friendly reminder about the coat drive at The New Republic Brewing Company. Bring a coat and get a free pint. If you're visiting family, see if they have any winter clothes you can bring back into town!

Beard On!
Chris Garza

Thursday, December 11, 2014

BV Whisker Club Winter Charity Opportunities

Howdy facial hair enthusiasts,

Tuesday night at Carney's we developed some plans to help out the community this winter. Briefly, here is what we are thinking.

This Saturday, we can participate in the Salvation Army's "adopt an angel" program. Basically, the way it works is we select angels (kids) with a list of things they want or need (clothes, toys, etc.). After purchasing items for the children, we return to the tree and drop off the gifts (no wrapping necessary).  I was thinking that we could meet at 10 AM in the morning at the "Angel Tree" which is located in the food court of Post Oak Mall. We can then decide which children to provide gifts for and split up to purchase them. After that, we can then meet back up at the mall at 11:30 or 12 to get the gifts back. If anyone wants to do anything after, I was thinking we could go get lunch somewhere.

The club has also helped out with the Neal Park Potluck and Community Garden in the past. For those who aren't aware, every weekend, there is a potluck in Neal Park and anyone can attend. Those who cannot bring anything, simply get to eat what others provide. Vincent Morgan, who was a regular at the potluck, passed during one of the recent cold snaps. Jon came up with an idea for a "coat drive" that will accept coats, blankets, and sleeping bags. We could then bring them to the potluck every weekend for any one who needs them. Andrew Golnar came up with the idea of continuing the drive through January so that any students traveling home during winter break can bring back items when they return. New Republic is willing to give a free pint to people who donate an item. We can have a box set up there as soon as this weekend. We will ask around and see if any other places are willing to have collection boxes through January. If you have any connections, please feel free to help out and use them!

Last, Jon is participating in the marathon this Sunday. We were planning on setting up a table in Brison Park where we can have orange slices for the runners. We'll also have our sign, business cards, and we can also take pictures of the whiskered runners to share on our page. Apparently, the club did this a couple of years ago and got a great response from it. If you want to join us to cheer Jon and the others on, you can meet up with us on Sunday morning any time after 7:45 AM.

We toyed around with the idea of modifying Christmas carols to be beard related and making calendars with images of club members but it may be something to think about a little earlier next year.

I also apologize for any spam emails you might have received from this address yesterday. My account was hacked yesterday but I have resolved the issue.

Beard On!
Chris Garza

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Important No Shave News

Happy No Shave November guys n' gals! Hope you're all happier, healthier, and hairier than ever!!

I've got some wonderful news to share! Throughout the month, your Brazos Valley Whisker Club has teamed up with The Village Cafe and Health For All to raise money and provide local assistance for men's health in the Brazos Valley!!  

With that said, we are holding a FUNDRAISING PAR-TAY at your favorite local brewery, New Republic! There are going to be tons of neat opportunities for you to be able to donate and help out the cause (mustache/beard photo booth, a wicked sweet raffle, etc.) 

Chase Gassaway is going to be preforming throughout the night and food will be available through the always yummy food truck,  Lew's BBQ!! 

WHEN: THIS SATURDAY 11.22.14  at  5:oo!! 
WHERE: New Republic: 11405 N Dowling Rd Suite C, College Station,TX 77845
WHY: BEER! FOOD! MUSIC! and helpin' out a great cause!!!

*New Republic and this event are both family-friendly and pet-friendly!* 


Thursday, October 16, 2014

We Support the WBMA

This was written by someone else, but does a good job of capturing our position, given that our club has been working toward establishing the necessary credentials to become recognized by the World Beard and Moustache Association:

For those of you not familiar with the drama, here it is in a nutshell.

Phil Olsen, founder of Beard Team USA, who puts on an annual national competition, started a company called World Beard and Mustache Championships LLC. There was already a World Beard and Mustache Championship which is held every odd year (Austin 2017 is the next on US soil). Phil was a part of the original and true World's. Last year at the New Orleans 2013 Nationals, he announced that the World's would be held in Portland in 2014. He had no authority to do so. It was then discovered that he trademarked the name World Beard and Mustache Championships LLC, and he had Facebook take down the WBMA's page for "trademark violations."

It is clear he stole and used deceitful practices to do so. Over 100+ facial hair organizations over the world are against this. 

We stand with the true World Beard and Mustache Association. 

- text shared by Louisiana Beard and Facial Hair Association on Facebook, 10-16-14

Please spread the word to whiskered (and whisker-loving) folks: don't support Phil Olsen's event in Portland!