Friday, June 6, 2014

That's Right, Peach Fuzz

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there, facial hair enthusiasts!! Here's a little somethin' to jog your memory on the happenings of our last meeting! 

We are considering a name change.  This is to make the group more inclusive of people who are not affiliated with A&M. To go along with our fancy new name, we need to have a design that'll tie in all nice like.

-Brazos Valley                
-Brazos County
-Facial Hair
-Beard and Mustache

**These are things to be thinkin' about possibly including in our new name.

-Post Oak
-Bearded Cowboy Skull

Jon's Anniversary Cookout!!
-June 21st

New Republic!!
-Sunday June 29th
-$40-$50 total cost; equalin' out to about $5 a person!
-We'll be brewin' up some "Peach Fuzz" Pale Ale 

Battle on the Bayou (Houston) Beard and Moustache Competition!!
-July 26th

**Mark these on your calendars folks!

We also bid a sad farewell to Justin DeSola, our former president, and his beard loving wife, Megan, to their new home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. (We're looking forward to hearing about his establishment of the "SteamBeards"). We wish you the very best of luck!!

Taking Justin's place as our president will be Chris Garza, the one with the mustache. Vice President/Treasurer is now Cameron Shults, the one with the mutton chops. I, Morgan Baggett, will be standing in as Secretary, the one with very little, to no facial hair.  Not to worry, Jon Kotinek, the one who knows what he's doing, will remain our Historian.

We'd also like to give a warm welcome to our new bearded friend, Lee Kavanagh!! 

Thanks to everyone who came out to the meeting! 

Morgan Baggett