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These folks have been generous in supporting our beard club's start. Please support them too!

New Republic Brewing

The Village Cafe & Art979 Gallery

Rahr & Sons Brewing

Beard Care Products

Beard Token

For the Love of Beards

You might also be interested to check out the following:

World Beard and Moustache Association (we're working to becoming a member!)

Beard Nation

Austin, TX Facial Hair Club

North Texas Beard Alliance

Houston Facial Hair Club

Alamo Beard Club

We are not affiliated in any way with Beard Team USA.

"Phil Olsen, founder of Beard Team USA, who puts on an annual national competition, started a company called World Beard and Mustache Championships LLC. There was already a World Beard and Mustache Championship which is held every odd year (Austin 2017 is the next on US soil). Phil was a part of the original and true World's. Last year at the New Orleans 2013 Nationals, he announced that the World's would be held in Portland in 2014. He had no authority to do so. It was then discovered that he trademarked the name World Beard and Mustache Championships LLC, and he had Facebook take down the WBMA's page for "trademark violations."

It is clear he stole and used deceitful practices to do so. Over 100+ facial hair organizations over the world are against this. 

We stand with the true World Beard and Mustache Association." - text shared by Louisiana Beard and Facial Hair Association on Facebook, 10-16-14

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