The Brazos Valley Whisker Club’s bylaws
  1. All members should strive to achieve our club’s mission: to unite beard and moustache enthusiasts and to promote facial hair through community improvement.

  1. All facial hair enthusiasts, including women, are welcome to participate in club business without discrimination.

  1. Any displays of unkindness will not be tolerated. Be respectful towards others when at club events and when wearing the club shirt. Poor behavior will be addressed on a case-by-case basis and can result in members being asked not to return.

  1. Active members are encouraged to pay dues ($25) and will receive a t-shirt upon their payment. For dues-paying members, shirts can be replaced if damaged from wear and tear upon request. Dues are asked to be renewed after one year.

  1. All members are encouraged to share and participate in volunteer opportunities or charitable events. All dues-paying members are expected to help with charitable events put on by the club.

  1. Officer positions include a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and historian. Members will not hold the same position for more than one year but can run for the same position after at least one year has passed since they last held that position. Members will also be allowed to hold two officer positions if necessary. Officer positions can be revoked under the consent of the remaining officers if the officer in question is not participating or performing their duties. If an interim officer is needed, the interim officer must be voted for and can hold the position for the remainder of the term plus one complete term.

  1. Elections will be staggered so that the president and secretary give up their roles between January and February of each year and the vice-president, treasurer, and historian will give up their roles between July and August of each year. This will allow for experienced officers to remain in their positions while new officers learn to take on their roles. Only dues-paying members will be allowed to be nominated or vote for the new officer positions. Officers will be elected on a “majority rules” basis through an online platform so that dues-paying members who cannot attend meetings will have an opportunity to vote.

  1. Any changes to the official bylaws require the consent of all officers

Officer duties
President: The president of the club acts as the manager for the business meetings and supports and supervises the other officers. The president is also expected to act as a spokesperson and ambassador for the club.
Vice-president: The vice-president provides assistance to the president and leads the meetings when the president is unavailable. The vice-president is also expected to act as a spokesperson and ambassador for the club.
Secretary: The secretary records the attendance and minutes of the business meeting. The secretary should be involved in sending emails to the members and making events for social media.
Treasurer: The treasurer maintains a record of the club funds and is responsible for reimbursing members for approved club purchases. The treasurer should also be in charge of annual due collections for members.
Historian: The historian takes photos at meetings and events and is in charge of participating in the social media platforms used by the club.
As approved January 8, 2015

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