Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mustache Minutes for March 3/5/15

With thanks to BVWC Secretary Britney Chargois
A whiskery welcome to: No new members

 Announcement:  We are now a part of the W.B.M.A!!!

Hair Raising Fundraising and Events:

  House concert with beer brewed by the club. 

When would this be?  

This conversation was moved to next meeting.

No Shave November event with the organization Health for all.

We could have people to sign up to raise money with a sponsorship for growing or in a whiskerina’s case  making a beard  , the person who raised the most money would get a beard  care package . Facebook voting would take place for the person with the best beard.

Booth at world fest representing beard culture:

                  We need to look into registering by late summer / early fall.

There is a $50 vendor fee, would could discuss beard care, and make beard combs. We could also sell calendars. We would need a stamp for when the people came to our booth, for their world fest pass ports. The average cost of the Stamp would be $40; Jonathan agreed to look into that for us.

Calendar of the group:

                We can do this:  We discussed having beard themed names of the month. Part of the profit would go to the club, and on fundraiser months the other part would go the charity. Month ideas Jan. New Year’s resolution theme, Feb. Vikings, Mar. Red beards, April. Umbrella hats, May. Flowered beard, June. Father son photo with Jonathan and his kids wearing beards, July. Uncle Sam I want you to grow a beard, August.  First day of school photo, Sep. Pirates, Oct. Halloween costumes, Nov. Guy Fox at Thanksgiving, Dec. Santa.

                                                Photographer?   Ashley and Carl are looking into finding one.

                                             Group & Individual shots (possibly people from pint night)

                                            Date? Photo’s need to be taken by August and the calendars should be                                printed by October, so we can sell them during world fest and November.

Brazos Valley Derby Girls VS. Brazos Valley Whisker Club:

   Dates? Carl brought up a great point about time commitment, and most of the members not knowing about derby. So we will promote their events on our page instead.


                 Fundraiser or Prize? The Koozies will be a prize, will discuss for what at a later date.


Bearded faces everywhere (Community outreach.):

Food Pantry at the Bridge:

                The club would be interested, but not sure who would show up. We need to figure that out, and how long training is first.

Every Thursday at 6:30 or 6:00 pm

                We would have to do volunteer training

Relay for life:

          Would we like to participate?

We will participate; team first needs to be created on the site. Then members can go on the Relay for life page and click join a team, and the can join our team B.V.W.C. Donations can also be taken on the site.

We could set up a team on the website

No due date, just when the event occurs April 27th

Any other ideas?

Some fundraiser ideas are stickers, shirts, and a brew day.

Web-Stache (B.V.W.C on the Web): No new business.

Member Trimmings:

We also discussed that we need to have at least two members agree to go to an event ahead of time, so that we have some kind of presence at things like the Pot Luck.  We also discussed setting up events, so that they give notifications to members.

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