Saturday, February 2, 2013

Second Meeting & Progress

ABMC club held its second meeting on January 10. Though slightly less well-attended, we were happy to see new faces!

In addition to a boisterous game of Settlers of Catan, we took a few minutes to revisit the business of the club. Jon brought the World Beard and Moustache Association definition of a club for review, and the group voted to pursue a club structure that would satisfy these requirements:
Definition of a Club
  1. Minimum of ten registered members.
  2. Executive board consisting of president, vice president and secretary/treasurer.
  3. Established bylaws stating the purpose of the club, the executive structure, member descriptions including qualification, fees and meeting structures.
  4. Regular meetings a minimum of four times per year.
  5. Registration with the government where it is required, naming the board members and announcing changes in the president and bylaws.
  6. Annual general meeting with election of officers.
  7. Membership fee.

For a club to qualify as a member of the WBMA, that club must have been established for at least two years, submit a “club statement” and meet four of the seven items listed above.
 In particular, we decided that items 1-4 were eminently doable. We also decided to wait until the club was better established before considering the issue of dues.

Two members volunteered to draft bylaws for review at a future meeting, and we also decided that we should add a position of historian to the executive board structure.

We determined that our regular meeting should remain on the first Thursday of the month at The Village Cafe, but that we also wanted to meet more often to socialize, so the members will post these hangouts to the Facebook page as they are scheduled.

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