Saturday, May 3, 2014

May Monthly Meeting Recap

Howdy facial hair aficionados!

As we approach two years of regular meetings, we are well on our way to becoming an officially recognized club by the World Beard and Moustache Association (WBMA). In addition to having at least 2 years of regular meetings, we must also meet four of the seven criteria:

1) minimum of 10 members
2) Executive board - president, vice president, secretary/treasurer
3) Established bylaws which state the purpose of the club, the executive structure, member descriptions including qualification, fees and meeting structures.
4) Regular meetings at least 4 times a year
5) Registration with the government where it is required
6) Annual election meeting for officers
7) Membership fee.

Last night, we began to develop our purpose. Ideas that were thrown out include

-To socialize and enjoy the company of the bearded, mustachioed, as well as facial hair enthusiasts
-To accomplish the goals of the WBMA in Aggieland
-To support local businesses and the facial hair community

By the way, the purpose of the WBMA is "to promote the worldwide appreciation of beards and moustaches, and to co-ordinate international events, including competitions, held in such a manner as to encourage friendship among those with beards and moustaches." Perhaps we can think about these throughout the next month in order to further develop these ideas into a cohesive statement.

We also discussed dues. There seemed to be a general consensus that dues would benefit the club however before we set a price, we plan to develop a budget and ideas for what the dues would pay for. Ideas for our budgeted items include:

-Beard tokens
-"Business" cards or combs

I have a friend who does 3D printing and I can ask him about costs for some combs with our club name/info on it. I think Jon also might have someone to follow up with as well for the comb idea.

Austin will be having it's "Come and Shave It" event on Feb 22 and we could be representing an officially recognized club by then!

We also talked about having weekly runs. Throughout the school year, there are weekly runs at the Corner Bar every Tuesday. We are thinking about keeping the Tuesday run tradition but at Carney's at 8:30 PM. Since we will be having weekly runs, perhaps we can consider adding something to our mission about "promoting health". Speaking of health, Carney's also has incredible beer prices (half off all beers?) on Tuesday as well. These runs can start as early as next week. I attached an image of a trail planned out that is slightly more than a 5k that we can try out next Tuesday.

Last, we discussed getting a Google hangout which would allow us to message each other at any time.(it's basically a group text). This is a way to get us to communicate easily and more often. I plan to add the men from last night to the hangout. If there were others who were not in attendance last night or if any ladies want to join the Hangout, you're more than welcome to! I just didn't want to make any assumptions. Send me a personal email and I will add you. You will also be able to remove yourself from the Hangout if you do not want to be a part of it.

Beard on!
Chris Garza

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